Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Your Home May Need This YEAR!!

- The best way to protect the value of your abode: Keep it well - maintained. Below is a quick list on some ideas of how to do that! -

Your home is likely to have issues throughout the years. If the minor issues or yearly checkups are overlooked these could turn into costly fixes later on down the road.

1. Clean vents behind your dryer: As you are now drying heaver cloths these cloths generate more lint. Clean vents will help dry them quicker and lower your risk of fires. (Stores carry kits for this and can cost from $15 -$45 dollars.)

2. Replace old windows: Furnace running often? House still seem cold? Replace old windows with storm windows and make sure they fit properly. This can be somewhat costly but in the long run a payoff for better insulation....not to mention easier to open and close!!

3. Check your furnace filter: Once a month during heating season you will want to check for cleanliness. If it is excessively dirty change it. This change is usually done 2 times a year to help the furnace run more efficiently. (Each filter costs $6 - $20 a piece.)


1. Inspect homes exterior: Look for loose siding or trim, cracks, and crumbling mortar caused by harsh winter conditions, and examine your attic for signs of leaks. The hour or so this may take could save thousands in new roofing, siding, or new foundations.

2. Look at your lawn: Now that you can see it again cut down the thatch, or the layer of dead crass. If the thatch is thick look into de-thatching the lawn. (Professional charges $30 - $100 for the service. Rent a power thatcher yourself for around $65 a day.)

3. Inspect your air-conditioning system: Get your system checked professionally. They will clean, inspect, and adjust before the temp hits 90 degrees. (They will charge $75 - $175 a year for a HVAC contract.)

4. Look for termites and ants: They love getting out in spring weather too. Have your home checked for these wood destroying insects on a yearly basis. (Professional will charge $75 - $100. Pick up a can of insect killer and spray around foundation of home for $5 - $10.)


1. Check your hot water heater: Since it is much warmer out chances are you can go a few hours without the hot water. Drain and refill your water heater to remove sediment. While your at it, test the heater's pressure valve according to manufacturers instructions.

2. Inspect your roof: Take some binoculars and look for loose shingles, mold, mildew, or cracked chimney mortar. If you can catch these problems early you can avoid spending $2,000 - $12,000 for a roof replacement.

3. Rainy Spring: Check for leaks throughout home. Standing water should be removed and taken care of. These problems can cause major problems and mold to grow. If you can't find where a leak is coming from get an inspector to check it out. (Professional inspections costs $100 - $200.)


1. Water will freeze: Take down garden hoses, drain and store, and put insulation around spouts. If you have a sprinkler system have it professionally blown out. Water in those pipes can cause serious damage. ($100 - $200 for this to be done.)

2. Check and clean gutters: Keep gutters free from debris. This debris can get caught up in downspouts and when water then freezes to it during winter these gutters and downspouts could break or fall out.

3. Prune and cut back trees: Once the trees have dropped the leaves prune them back. This will prevent the closest trees from scraping and destroying your siding and contribute to greater curb appeal of your home.


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