Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Recently Barry County's Investment Bond rating went from A to AA! With this rating creditors have confidence in Barry County paying debts on time.

Residents can be proud of the rating and it goes to show that Barry County is a GREAT COMMUNITY. With many water bodies, activities, shopping districts, homes, farms, business and the fine residents, Barry County can celebrate!!

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Home : Your Lifestyle Investment

While we Americans are always striving for the "ALL AMERICAN DREAM" are we truly investing in our LIFE'S?? While we must answer questions like this on a daily basis, your questions will differ from the next...

- Will this Healthcare Plan be a good investment?
- Will this lawn mower be a good product for my lawn?
- My bathroom needs a new tub. Will this be a good investment for me?

Most of our largest investments will be our home purchase. While we will determine price, layout, size, and features as part of our investment, in our life we must also determine our deeper desires and our lifestyle investment in our home.

The lifestyle we enjoy will be determined in our home purchase. While we may love the location, size and price of our new purchase will we have fully invested in our lifestyle wanted to live there?

- Do we enjoy being close to neighbors?
- Do we enjoy entertaining friends and family?
- The lawn needs upkeep, is that something I want to do?
- Is collecting a hobby of mine?
- Do I enjoy hunting on my own property?

These are only a small amount of the questions we will ask ourselves about our lifestyle. When determining an answer to these types of questions we must look at what needs to be invested to determine our answer. The better able we are at determining our lifestyles, the easier it will be to determine the most accurate home investment.

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