Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello to all who are viewing this blog. I would like to introduce myself first...

My name is Justin Peck and I am currently working through Miller Real Estate! (

I have 6 years of sales experience and 20 + years of getting to know beautiful BARRY COUNTY! (

I find that a personal touch should be added to everything I do in life. In this line of work staying personal helps me help you!! While I can't promise several years of Real Estate experience I can promise high energy, solid reliable information, trust, quicker response times, and results. I have 50+ years of Real Estate experience backing me at Miller Real Estate. I work on the premise of "ALL REAL ESTATE ALL THE TIME!"

I have recently went through the home buying process and it was much easier than I thought. I can say that going from renting to buying was very simple and cheaper than I believed. I was able to secure financing through a government loan. I put less that 3% down on the home (which for a 100,000 home is less than $3,000). The payments are $200 less than renting and I have something to add value to my future! Cheap financing, 10% cash back for those who qualify, and low payments ... NOW IS THE TIME TO PURCHASE!

Working with a Real Estate Agent was easy and they knew what I needed and wanted. They truly work hard for your personal success. I did try to complete the process on my own but going through an agent was much easier. They did the work while I supervised. I was able to meet with the agent on weekends, call at all hours of the day, and they explained the "hard to read" fine print in ways in which I understood!!

I have to say that because of my experience and by going through the process myself I am fully ready to serve you in your Real Estate needs. Let me help you work through the process quickly and efficiently to secure your desired outcome. With the boom in technology I will bring new age ways of effectively advertising your home or finding your future.

Whether you are ...

Selling : Let me bring your Real Estate to LIFE!!
Buying: I'm EVERYWHERE You WANT to BE!!

I will be there to help throughout the process. Call today to secure a better future....THE RIGHT WAY!

Justin Peck
Cell: 269-760-4965

Miller Real Estate MEANS SOLD
149 W. State Street
Hastings, MI 49058

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR UPDATES, Q and A sessions, and Real Estate Facts and Info!

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